I have little time and little money but I'm a student and soon to be wife and I need to climb aboard the "people who can cook" wagon sooner or later. Normally I'm cooking for two in my small Sydney apartment. So small in fact that I have 120cmx55cm of bench space (and this space is divided into two areas!) which makes the preparation of anything that doesn't cut into my study area (the kitchen table) difficult. Increasing the difficulty is that the very sensitive smoke detector is positioned directly above the kitchen and the gas on my stove "blows out" for no apparent reason and with no warning. Still, I love food, and love a challenge even more so when my soon-to-be husband said to me "do you cook anything that isn't made in a pressure cooker?" I took it more as a call to arms than a compliment on my prowess with said pressure cooker. I try to cook with the motto of the genius write Michael Pollan in mind "Eat food. Not too much. Mosty plants." Unfortunately I keep on failing on the second bit but that's ok!

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