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Hi my name’s Erin and I’m a Persian fetta addict. It began three years ago in Bangladesh, where delicious reminders of the food luxuries of home are few and far between. After over a year of having no good cheeses available they had almost escaped my diet altogether. But then a very large fancy hotel opened near my apartment and besides the icecream, prawn salads, buffet lunches and glasses of wine I discovered, much to my delight, that they sold Persian fetta. I would buy it in small lunch boxes and take it home to eat guiltily. Not small portions either and often on its own. And alone (like any addict I didn’t need the company of other to enjoy my vice). Its so smooth and salty and I can’t think of a food that is whiter.

When I returned to Australia I found Persian fetta at the grocery store, floating around being marinated in olive oil and pepper corns. If you whip it up it becomes the perfect creamy dressing or spread. Which led to my now, “I can’t be bothered cooking anything” staple. Until I find Persian fetta-holics anonymous, I plan to continue this love affair.


Sliced sour dough
Persian fetta (when sitting in olive oil it makes an easier spread)
Sliced tomatoes (kumatoes are brilliant)
Drained capers
Black pepper to taste


1.    Toast sour dough.
2.    Loosen Persian fetta by crushing and mixing with a fork (add olive oil for smoother spread). Spread as thick as you like on toasted sour dough.
3.    Top with sliced tomatoes, drained capers and black pepper. Eat up and then, if you an addict like me, make more!


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